Risk-Free Hiring

Building trust is essential, which is why we offer the first five workers free of charge.

Fast Hiring

In a span of a few weeks to a maximum of two months, the worker will be prepared with all the necessary permits to start work in the EU.

Customized Workforce Solutions​

We recognize that every business is unique. Our ability to customize workforce solutions means you get a tailored approach that perfectly fits your organizational needs and goals.​

Industries We Serve

The Manufacturing Industry

  • Automotive Manufacturing Workers
  • Electronics Manufacturing Workers
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Workers
  • Textile and Apparel Manufacturing Workers
  • Food and Beverage Processing Workers
  • Metal Fabrication Workers
  • Chemical Manufacturing Workers
  • Wood and Furniture Manufacturing Workers
  • Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing Workers
  • Other

The Food and Beverage Industry

  • Food Production and Processing Workers
  • Beverage Production Workers
  • Food Service and Catering Workers
  • Bakery and Confectionery Workers
  • Dairy and Cheese Production Workers
  • Snack Food Manufacturing Workers
  • Frozen Food Production Workers
  • Condiments and Sauces Workers
  • Seafood Processing Workers
  • Meat Processing Workers
  • Other

The Construction Industry

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Concrete Worker
  • Roofing Worker
  • HVAC Technician
  • Drywall Installer
  • Welder
  • Landscaper
  • Other

The Cleaning Industry

  • Janitor
  • Commercial Cleaner
  • Window Cleaner
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Pressure Washer Operator
  • Disinfection Technician
  • Industrial Cleaner
  • Biohazard Cleanup Specialist
  • Waste Management Technician
  • Duct Cleaner
  • Hospital Cleaner
  • Public Area Cleaner
  • Other

The Agriculture Industry

  • Farm Laborer
  • Livestock Handler
  • Agronomist
  • Farm Equipment Operator
  • Pest Control Technician
  • Greenhouse Worker
  • Dairy Farmer
  • Poultry Farm Worker
  • Farm Manager
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Farm Supervisor
  • Other

The Warehouse and Logistics Industry

  • Warehouse
  • Worker
  • Forklift Operator
  • Inventory Clerk
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Order Picker
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Shipping and Receiving Clerk
  • Transportation Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Route Planner
  • Inventory Manager
  • Returns Coordinator
  • Material Handler
  • Other
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